The Use of Cloud Computing in SMEs

Cloud computing can mean big changes for Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs) in the coming years. It is not only a digital solution that saves a few dollars or reduces the physical space to develop a process; it is a business scheme that can contribute a lot in the growth of companies.

Cloud Computing is a new way of making operating expenses more flexible, as well as improving the range of services that a company can offer. It also facilitates competitiveness and allows companies to be more adaptive to market requirements.

However, despite the amount of benefits it brings to SMEs, many entrepreneurs are unaware of its operation and its true potential.


What are cloud services?

Cloud services, or what is also known as cloud computing – are basically all kinds of computer services offered through a network of interconnected servers. This network is internet.

The Internet is made up of a global server’s infrastructure and data centers, where information is stored and processed.

Any company or person that stores your data, files, photos or any type of file in the cloud can access that information and work with it at any time, from any place and through any device.


But what are those reasons that lead SMEs towards Cloud Computing? We at cloudsigma, a leading provider of cloud computer services bring you all the benefits that Cloud Computing offers to SMEs.

Cloud Computing allow SMEs to access a wide range of services previously limited to large companies, without the need to invest heavily in infrastructure or knowledge.

The cloud computing in SMEs

When talking about Cloud Computing, this is often interpreted as a solution aimed only at large companies with a huge volume of data to manage and with high financial capacity to make investments in technology.

Still many SMEs do not know the potential benefits of Cloud Computing, generally having a misperception that it is an exclusive solution for large companies with a large volume of data.

In fact, Cloud Computing is perfectly adaptable for a business of any size, regardless of the number of workers, investment in IT and other factors.

Let’s take a look at some cloud computing factors:


  • Infrastructure. Instead of replacing and repairing old servers in their facilities, companies can host their services in the cloud, increasing the security and integrity of their data and decreasing material investments.


  • User experience. Lack of resources to run applications can result in a poor user experience that affects the business. Cloud computing resources are flexible, and more profitable than dedicated infrastructure.


  • Unified communications. Thanks to the cloud, new communication platforms optimize remote work and the management of multiple sites.


  • Remote access. Remote work through virtualized desktops decreases device and office costs. In addition, control over the user’s environment is substantially greater.


  • Cloud applications. Thanks to the ease of access offered by the cloud computing, enabling the remote and mobile work of an application is much easier.


  • Monitoring. The cloud computing model allows monitoring resources as part of the service itself at all times.


  • Mail services. Nowadays, they make full sense as a cloud application: growing in capacity and resources is faster and more profitable.


  • Disaster Recovery. A DR solution in a cloud environment, off-site, immediately activates a second platform in case of failure in the main one.


  • Backup. Backups in the cloud computing for SMEs provide an additional guarantee to the data integrity and are restorable from any installation or server.


  • Focus on the business. The cloud hosting of a managed services provider allows a company the most important thing: time, resources and people focused on their business.


  • Cost savings. All kinds of studies show that with migration to the cloud infrastructure helps in reducing the cost of SMEs.

Why Cloudsigma

As you can see, the implementation of Cloud Computing in SMEs brings many benefits in relation to traditional software for companies.

If you have any questions about these services or want to take the first step towards a Cloud service for your SME, cloudsigma will be happy to help you.

If you want to optimize costs and make your work more competitive, at cloudsigma we have extensive experience and many successes in migration to the Cloud that has made us a leader in the IT market.

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