Offpage SEO optimization services are one of the key factors for search engine rankings.  The process of optimization through the use of techniques that includes social media marketing; link building, blogging, forums, guest posting, commenting etc. tends to increase the popularity of a website.

Scorpius Technology: Offpage SEO Optimization Services Includes:


Offpage SEO Optimization Services


  • Link building
  • Directory Listing / Submission
  • Blog & Forum Posting
  • SEO Spying
  • Link Baiting
  • Content Writing
  • Google Indexing Service

Link building: It is all about placing a link pointing to our site within authoritative sites. It is, therefore, necessary to select the right sites (authoritative). Then we must find the way to place the backlink in a ‘natural’ way (which makes sense to the user, in short), perhaps through interesting comments.

Directory Listing / Submission: In another word, the submission of your site within very well selected sector portals. Some will be free, others will be charged. In any case, indiscriminate inclusion will not lead you to anything. The portals must be assessed by topic, authority and effective attendance by users. There are thousands of portals created just to tap hundreds of dollars each year in exchange for a link, beware!

Blog & Forum Posting: Practice consists of attracting traffic by producing interesting content, but rather in the form of an article, in the form of a comment or an answer to users’ questions.

SEO Spying: Want to spy on the competition? Only then can you reach the competitors and hope to overtake them. Through this, you can not only discover many things about your competitors but also learn from their mistakes and ‘steal’ their best ideas.

Link Baiting: Closely related to the production of high-quality content, Link Baiting aims to create content so attractive that it is shared and linked by thousands of users and sites.

Content Writing: It is the practice of writing articles on specific subjects. We write content based on your niche to boost your online presence by promoting that content on various channels including Social Media.

Google Indexing Service: Check the correct indexing of the site in the Google search engine and fix errors.

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