website in hebrew

SEO for site in hebrew

Job Description:- Looking for a PROFESSIONAL SEO EXPERT.

Clients Requirement:- I need an SEO work for website in hebrew language.

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

“Create test plans and scripts to audit website performance, including crawling, indexing, and testing search engine rankings.”


SEO for AskDomain.Net

Job Description:- Looking for an SEO Expert for my website.

Clients Requirement:- SEO-Optimize my website:- AskDomain.Net

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

We track and evaluate work to see results. Always try to improve and strive to clean the site of bad links, broken pages, crawl errors, bad implementation techniques.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant regarding SEO

Job Description:- I’m looking a Virtual Assistant regarding SEO

Clients Requirement:- I’m looking for someone that can help me with some of these:

-creating web2.0 accounts and sites
-creating social bookmarks
-creating pdf, audio and video backlinks
-creating profile backlinks on high authority sites

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

Drive a business towards the top spots on Google and other search engines. Also, mostly do tasks that are related to search engine optimizations like in-depth monitoring and SEO edit.

Generate Sitemap


Job Description:- Looking for SEO Expert to help in Generating Sitemap

Clients Requirement:- Generate Sitemap for more than 30k pages through screaming frog tool.

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

Sitemap generated for more than 30k pages through screaming frog tool.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO on-site and off-site

Job Description:- I am looking for a White Hat SEO expert.

Clients Requirement:- Work on On-site and Off-site SEO to improve my website ranking by using only white hat SEO.

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

Improve the SEO by doing keyword research, onboarding SEO dashboard and building some backlinks.

SEO for website

SEO for my website

Job Description:- Need to move my site up organically.

Clients Requirement:- I need someone to optimize my site to quickly improve organic placement.

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

To move site organically we Publish Relevant and Authoritative Content , Update Content Regularly , use Metadata , link-worthy site , Use alt tags.

Webshop Launch

Social Media & SEO Specialist Needed for Webshop Launch

Job Description:- Looking for a social media manager and ads expert for our cosmetics (soap bars) eCommerce website.

Clients Requirement:- This job entails:
– Managing social media content
– SEO Optimization
– Social media videos, posts, instagram stories, etc.
– Copywriting: expert level

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

Complete the project on time and delivers the quality work with client’s satisfaction.

SEO for Websites

SEO for the websites

Job Description:- Need SEO Expert for the website.

Clients Requirement:- SEO Optimization of the website which includes:-
On-page, Off-page, Technical SEO.

Client’s Feedback

Project task/Challenge & solution

Fix all the issues in the website and provides SEO optimized website.



Job Description :-  Looking for SEO Expert using SEMrush tool to do deep analyze of the website.

Clients Requirement :-  Need an SEO expert who helps in checking the health of the website by using SEMrush tool and fixing the errors which can create the positive user experience.

Audited the website by using SEMrush tool and found the errors as shown below:-

After fixing the errors,  Now Its showing Zero errors with less warnings.

Project Task/Challenge & Solution:-

Provided the error free website by doing deep analysis with SEMrush tool.