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Responsive Websites

A few decades back, laptops were the most compact form of computers, but not anymore. In scenarios, a smartphone or a tablet that you hold in your palm has more features than a standard laptop. Thanks to the faster silicon chip technology, compact IC, and faster processor, they are applicable for anything from gaming to internet surfing. In fact, recent stats say that more and more people are now preferring smartphones and tablets to access the internet instead of a laptop or desktop.

The stats at Statista reveal that almost 4.28 billion people will have used smartphones to surf the internet in the year 2020. That’s almost 90% of the global internet population and a lot of target audience for your site, which will never use it if you don’t focus on responsiveness. And we would love to help you with this part.

At Scorpius, we have a team that is well-versed with the increasing demand for responsive websites and know every tip and trick for turning your static web into one. We have spent years and years sharpening our coding and designing skills for this purpose and are always happy to help website owners like you.

Why Responsive Websites?

The main reason for creating a responsive website is to make it adaptable for smartphones, but that is just one of its many features. There are many positive impacts of developing responsive websites. For instance, the responsive website will offer better resolution, improved user experience, and many more, including the following.

Improved SEO

Google, being the largest search engine, has always focussed on user experience before anything else. It prioritizes responsive websites over static ones. Let us create a responsive website for you that will help you to get a better SEO ranking, which in turn will improve your online authority.

Acquire Traffic

If you have a static website, any users surfing intent through smartphone or tablet won’t be able to use it properly. And considering the number of internet users using smartphones, it’s a no-brainer that you will lose a huge part of your potential audience.

Moreover, since responsiveness affects the SEO ranking, it will make a difference in your position on the search page. The search engines will place any static site in the lower position. Thus both its authority and chances of getting click-through will decrease.

Faster Loading For Better Conversion Rate

It takes a user just a few seconds to leave a site that does not load fast or looks unappealing. Thanks to the proportion-based code of the responsive website, you don’t have to face this problem. Each element of these websites is optimized to open on all devices and use a fluid grid. This grid facilitates in decreasing the website loading time to a great extent.

The speed, along with flexible UI, also helps to increase the conversion rates. It ensures you don’t lose potential traffic coming using a smartphone to access your website.

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Amongst all the marketing methods, word of mouth marketing is believed to be the strongest. It’s because here, you don’t market your site yourself but let your loyal customers do it for you. The marketing is free, doesn’t need any tool, and involves a personal touch. So, it almost every time yields great benefits for businesses.

However, the marketing technique will fail terribly if you don’t have a responsive website. Stats reveal that almost 57% of internet users confess they would never recommend a website whose design is not mobile-friendly. And more than 38% will leave your site if its layout is not attractive on a smartphone.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to creating Responsive websites, Scorpius is the best pick. We have a team of colorful and light-minded people with great creativity and skills that they like to put in for developing these sites. We can help you with not just developing a responsive site but also enhancing its appearance, user experience, and a lot more. There’s a long list of benefits of doing business with us.

Quick Response

At Scorpius, we take your time very seriously. Our team is always ready to work and answer your queries at any time. Once you contact us, we will respond back with every detail you asked within no time. Moreover, once we are in business with you, our members will adjust their schedules to suit your timeline. We won’t make you wait for our reply right from the first contact to the successful delivery of the project.

Full Support

Unlike our competitors, we don’t believe that a project ends with successful delivery. It goes far beyond, and we like it that way. So, even after we have successfully delivered the project, our team will be actively available for communication. We will readily help you with any problem you might face. You can also contact us for regular maintenance and optimization of your website.

Right Time Work

At Scorpius, we believe that the time that has gone is the time you have lost. So we try to minimize delays in all our projects. Whether you send a website for optimization or ask us to create a new one, we will create a plan that will stick with your particular needs. Our team is always ready to go a step further and put in some extra effort to meet the deadline.

Edits Existing Or Create New

Already have a static website and love it? No problem, we can help you with that too. Our experts don’t need to create a new website from scratch just to ensure responsiveness. We can always help you alter the code and transform your current website into a highly responsive website. So, no matter what your needs are, just contact us and discuss. We will provide a solution that suits both your requirement and your budget.

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