SEO in 2022: The Definitive Guide

2022 is approaching, the streets are full of lights, and people start thinking about gifts and food, and again another year that is going away. Companies start thinking about closing the year and their budgets for 2022. More and more companies are investing in digital marketing and specifically in SEO strategies, and this coming year will not be less. This is the article you need with best SEO Guide 2022 to optimize your  website.


In 2019, 44% of companies will invest in SEO. If you are one of those companies that are investing in SEO or are going to do it in 2019, then we tell you the main factors that you must take into account to optimize your efforts and investment of web positioning.

This 2018 we have seen how Google has made several major changes in their algorithms and many companies have seen their billing directly impacted and having been penalized. Fulfilling these factors will help you not to be penalized in this that is already here.

SEO GUIDE 2022 Factors:

  • Google Bot to analyze your website

Depending on the reputation of your website, Google will let the spider or Google Bot that is responsible for tracking your website.

The ideal goal is that this robot can go through all the pages of your website in each scan. So that Google can trace all the maximum possible URLs of your website, use the tags noindex in the pages you do not want to crawl, use nofollow in the links that the robot does not want to navigate and use the RobotX.txt to go directly to the pages that you want to index.

  • EAT

Since the Google update of August 2018, this term has gained much greater importance in the world of SEO. EAT (Experience, Authority and Trust) are indicators that Google takes into account when it comes to giving reputation to our website.

What Google measures with these indicators is the experience of our website, the quality of our content and writers and the authority of the links that link to our website.

That said, this 2019 we will have to do nothing but high quality content if we want to position, supported by relevant sources and with digital media links that have a good reputation.

  • Response times

This web positioning factor is very linked to the first one of Crawl Budget, because the less time it takes to respond to our website, the more pages Google Bot can track. Even so, it is important to dedicate a section only and exclusively for this.

Google has just unified all its tools for measuring response times under the Lighthouse project. Google was aware that it was not giving SEO gurus the correct measures and aligned in their different tools and this project shows the importance that Google wants to give to the speed of our website.

This speed will be measured for both the mobile pages and the pages displayed on computers.

  • Mobile index

There is no excuse for not having a website adapted for mobile devices. It is already official that Google has two completely different indexes. An index has it to show results when the user is on a computer and the other for when it is on a mobile device.

If your website is not mobile ready, forget about 60% of Google’s mobile searches.

  • Rank Brain

Rank Brain is a Google algorithm that was developed many years ago and that is becoming increasingly important.

Let’s say that Rankbrain has two main functionalities. On the one hand, it measures, or tries to measure, the user’s experience on the web accessed by Google. On the other hand, begins to group the famous keywords within concepts that mean the same thing, that is, begin to know what they are synonymous. Now, positioning for yellow shoes will also position you for yellow sneakers.

This algorithm is one that takes into account the time your users spend on your website. If it detects that once they enter they go out again, then it means that the experience has not been as good as if they enter and stay for a long time.

  • Another question from users

For quite some time now, Google has been introducing suggestions to the searches of its users by showing a new box in which it suggests possible questions related to the initial search.

These boxes appear between the second and fourth positions and are greatly affecting the organic visits received by websites that rank just below these boxes.

In English these boxes, called “People Also Ask”. It is very important to make a strategy in which our content appears in that section.

  • Fragments featured in searches

For some time now, and with increasing frequency, Google has shown outstanding results for certain keywords.

There are many cases in which although a page is not in the first position is chosen by Google as content to highlight, achieving an increase in visibility.

These featured contents can appear for the moment in three ways: paragraph, table or list. So do not hesitate to prepare our content to appear in these sections of Google results.

 Do not hesitate to focus on these SEO factors to improve your web position. We hope this SEO guide covers everything about the SEO for your business website to rank at the top of all the major search engines.

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